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Welcome to Norwich Family Golf Centre


Our collection boasts all things golf, from clubs and balls to tees, turf, and even that handy cart for collecting balls. But we’re more than just golf. 

Dive into the ambiance of music, on-screen games, oversized TVs, live sport on the big screen and a meticulously curated food & drink selection.

Combine all these elements in one venue, and you’re in for a treat. So, gather your family, friends, or colleagues and dive into the fun. Consider this your official invite to join the revelry.



Hit the Range, Tech Bays or Greens.

Ready to embark on your golfing journey? Whether you're taking that exhilarating first swing or perfecting your technique, our range, tech bays, and greens are the ultimate playground for all golf enthusiasts.

Dive in, have fun, and let every shot be a memorable adventure!


Hit our full 9 hole course, a virtual world famous course or the Congo Rapids Crazy Golf

Unleash your inner golfer in a world where possibilities are endless!

Tee off at the world's best courses, battle zombies in our high-tech Foresight bays, explore the wild Congo Rapids Crazy Golf Course, or master the classic charm of our full 9-hole course.

Whether you're chasing birdies or zombies, there's a thrilling adventure awaiting every swing!


Dine, Delight, Repeat.

Dine with us and embark on a culinary journey that's as delightful as a perfect swing!

Start your day with a rich coffee paired with a slice of our delectable cake, or indulge in a hearty full English breakfast. Looking for a casual evening out? Our juicy burgers and refreshing drinks are best enjoyed in the company of friends.

Whatever your palate desires, we've got a plate for it!


Swing, Celebrate, Repeat.

Turn any occasion into a hole-in-one celebration!

Host vibrant children's birthday parties, enjoy unforgettable nights out with friends, or strengthen bonds with work colleagues swinging on the range. And if you're aiming to make a lasting impression on a first date? Hitting bombs down the fairway together is the way to go!


A gateway to the world of Golf.

From tiny tots taking their first wobbly swing to grandpas and grandmas showing us how it's really done, our golf centre is buzzing with action!

Whether you're flying solo, bringing the whole squad, or challenging your best mate to a duel, we've got a fun-filled path tailored just for you. Dive into our golf wonderland.

Let's tee up some fun!


How much does it cost to go on the driving range?

At the Norwich Family Golf Centre, the cost for using the driving range is as follows:

25 balls for £3
50 balls for £5
75 balls for £6.50
100 balls for £7.50

You can also take advantage of a membership system for additional discounts and convenience when purchasing balls.

Can you hire clubs for the range?

You can hire clubs from us, so you can just turn up and play. For a small deposit of £5 you can turn up and swing! 

What events does NGFC do?

Checkout our events page for all the latest special events. We have Food Truck Fridays, special Golf offers, Golf Tasters and more! 

Who can play on the range?

Anyone! It really is that simple! No matter if you have never picked up a golf club, you are welcome to come along and have a good swing! Our range is open to all. 

What facilities do you have at NFGC?

We have our bar and cafe, Peter Field Golf Shop and training, 28 driving range bays, 6 Foresight Tech bays, putting green, chipping green and also grass driving bays. 

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