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Elevate your practice game, hit our range, our Foresight Tech bays or our chipping and putting greens.


Norfolk's Largest Driving Range

From beginner to expert, everyone is welcome at the Norwich Family Golf Centre. Our driving range has 28 covered bays with additional mat and grass bays outside.

Our floodlit driving range outfield is the largest in Norfolk and has multiple targets to practise your aim, day or night. Each bay is individually divided with power tees to make your practise extra convenient.


Visit us regularly? Take advantage of our range card system! The range cards work by loading money onto them at reception and scanning the barcode at the ball machine to purchase your balls. You do not need to pay for the card itself but there is a £10 minimum top-up required.

The range card has different categories assigned to it. Whether you are a visitor or a member, and how much you load onto the card, depends on what discount you receive when you scan your card. The different categories are as follows:


No discount is given but you won’t need to fill your pockets with change every time you visit.


If you load £20 or more onto your card then you will receive 10% extra balls in your vend.


You will receive 10% off the vend price when you scan your card at the ball machine.


If you load £20 or more onto your card then you will receive 10% extra balls in your vend, as well as 10% off the price when you scan your card.


25 Balls

£ 3

50 Balls

£ 5

75 Balls

£ 6

100 Balls

£ 7


Latest Golfing Technology

Take your range experience to a whole new level of fun and game insight thanks to our partnership with Foresight Sports, our range is now equipped with Total Range™, a cutting-edge technology that lets you:
• Play world-class courses
• Review the performance details behind each and every shot
• Compete in daily long drive and closest-to-the-pin competitions
• Enjoy all-age skill building games and challenges

Using our new Total Range™ technology is as easy as it is fun. To get started, simply pre-book a time slot and pay when you get to reception.

foresight sim courses norwich family golf centre


Foresight Simulation Golf Courses offer an incredibly realistic and immersive golfing experience, utilising state-of-the-art technology to recreate some of the most renowned golf courses from around the globe. These simulations are designed with precision, featuring highly accurate depictions of terrain, weather conditions, and other environmental factors that challenge even the most skilled golfers.

The technology behind Foresight Simulation not only allows players to practise their game in a variety of settings but also provides valuable feedback on swing mechanics, ball flight, and game strategy. This makes it an ideal tool for both training purposes and casual play, offering a unique way to enjoy golf year-round, regardless of outdoor conditions.
foresight sim courses norwich family golf centre


Foresight’s “Know Your Numbers” approach is a cornerstone of its golf simulation technology, providing golfers with precise and comprehensive data about their shots. This system uses high-speed cameras and sophisticated software to analyse the impact and flight of the golf ball, delivering instant feedback on a range of parameters including ball speed, launch angle, spin rates, and carry distance.

By understanding these key metrics, golfers can make informed adjustments to their swing, club selection, and overall strategy. This data-driven approach not only helps improve performance but also enhances the learning and practice experience, making it highly effective for players aiming to refine their game with accuracy and detail.
foresight sim courses norwich family golf centre


Foresight Sports also offers a range of interactive golf games and activities that make the sport fun and accessible for families and players of all ages. These games, part of the Foresight simulation technology, are designed to entertain while still teaching the fundamentals of golf.

Options like target practice, skills challenges, and mini-golf courses provide a playful yet competitive environment, ideal for family outings or friendly gatherings. This approach not only makes learning golf enjoyable but also encourages players to engage with the game in a relaxed, stress-free setting. By incorporating elements of play and competition, Foresight’s games ensure that golf can be a fun and inclusive activity for everyone.


30 Minutes

£ 8

60 Minutes

£ 15

120 Minutes

£ 25


Perfect to imrpove your putting and chipping skills.

Our putting and chipping greens are meticulously designed to offer the best practice facilities for golfers looking to improve their short game. These greens mimic the conditions found on real courses, providing a variety of slopes and speeds that challenge players to refine their putting accuracy and chipping technique.

Constructed with high-quality materials to maintain a consistent roll and true-to-game experience, our greens are perfect for golfers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner aiming to learn the basics or an experienced player looking to fine-tune your skills, our putting and chipping areas offer an ideal setting for mastering these crucial aspects of golf.

practice putting green norfolk family golf centre


Our putting green is a top-notch facility designed to help golfers hone their putting skills with precision. It features a smooth, consistent surface that closely mimics the quality of greens found on championship courses. The green offers a variety of contours and slopes, challenging players to practice putts from different angles and distances. This varied terrain is ideal for mastering speed control and gaining a better understanding of how putts break.

Regular practice on our putting green is invaluable for improving confidence and accuracy on the green, making it a crucial tool for golfers looking to shave strokes off their game.
practice putting green norfolk family golf centre


Our chipping green is expertly crafted to simulate a range of course conditions, enabling golfers to practice a variety of chip shots under different scenarios. This specialised area is designed with different lies, from well-manicured grass to rougher textures, allowing players to experience how the ball behaves on various surfaces.

The chipping green also features undulating terrain and strategically placed bunkers, challenging players to adapt their techniques and improve their control and precision. This focused training environment is crucial for developing a more effective and versatile short game, making it an essential practice facility for golfers dedicated to lowering their scores.


How much does it cost to go on the driving range?

At the Norwich Family Golf Centre, the cost for using the driving range is as follows:

25 balls for £3
50 balls for £5
75 balls for £6.50
100 balls for £7.50

You can also take advantage of a membership system for additional discounts and convenience when purchasing balls.

Can you hire clubs for the range?

You can hire clubs from us, so you can just turn up and play. For a small deposit of £5 you can turn up and swing! 

What events does NGFC do?

Checkout our events page for all the latest special events. We have Food Truck Fridays, special Golf offers, Golf Tasters and more! 

Who can play on the range?

Anyone! It really is that simple! No matter if you have never picked up a golf club, you are welcome to come along and have a good swing! Our range is open to all. 

What facilities do you have at NFGC?

We have our bar and cafe, Peter Field Golf Shop and training, 28 driving range bays, 6 Foresight Tech bays, putting green, chipping green and also grass driving bays. 

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