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Welcome to Becky Eagling Sports Therapy, where our passion is helping you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle through personalised sports massage, therapy, and biomechanics coaching.

Ensuring you're always at your best

about me.

Hi, I’m Becky, I’ve been working in the Beauty Rooms on Mondays providing sports massage and sports therapy as well intrinsic biomechanics since September 2017 and have been qualified since 2013.

I enjoy being active; I am training for The London marathon and love Crossfit for my strength workouts. I am an occasional golfer due to having two young boys, but I’ll be back on the course when time allows. Here’s me teeing off in New Zealand 😊

sports therapy.

Sports massage benefits everyone, not just athletes, by enhancing relaxation and promoting well-being. It, along with practical movement advice, helps you stay active and enjoy your favorite activities.

For those experiencing injury or pain, my advanced sports therapy techniques—though not diagnostic—aid in recovery and pain management, guided by tests and a variety of methods.

As a proponent of exercise, I offer tailored rehab programs to restore your optimal movement, backed by my commitment to the high standards of the Sports Therapy Association.



Consultation & Treatment

  • 75 mins appointment
  • First appointment to do a thorough consultation and get to know you.
  • To establish the best treatment plan for you and your goals.


60 min Treatment Session

  • Good for investigating injuries or pain, doing a full biomechanics screen or a sports massage for the whole body (after a consultation).


45 min Treatment Session

  • Sports massage, sports therapy or biomechanics screen to a smaller area of the body (e.g. the back or legs and hips; after a consultation).


30 min Treatment Session

  • Useful for a maintenance sports massage to keep you moving well (after a consultation)
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Drop me a message if you have any questions or would like to make a booking.